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happy new year of the metal rat

happy new year everybody, the chinese new year begins on January 25th 2020.

It is the year of the 'metal rat'and chinese folk astrology says that people born in this year will show themselves to be highly intelligent, with a secretive nature about them. They hold strong opinions but find it hard to express them. A sense of justice being important in the world  mixes with a desire to be on one's own. Whatever they choose to pursue in life, they wont easily give up!

master acupuncturists know this year as a keng tse' year.

'keng' refers to the yang of metal, the celestial stem energy of the year. Being a yang celestial stem, this year's energy is in excess. If you were to look for an example of this kind of organic energy in nature then you need look no further than the armadillo.

'tse' relates to the symbolic energy of the rat; a quick, shiny creature that is highly organised; elusive yet profuse.

when these two energies integrate, as in 2020, their relationship produces instability and irritability.

alchemically, as all master acupuncturists know, excess metal energy will produce deficient wood energy according to the ke cycle of five element theory, and in so doing will weaken the energy of the rat.

In this year the advice on health, wealth and happiness might well be:


The missing organic energy in 2020 is the stomach energy. Indeed, the earth element is missing on both elemental and deep energy levels. 

Looking at the five element alchemy chart for 2020 shows a deficient wood energy that leads to poor nourishment of the fire energy, and especially the heart energy because the heart organic energy is the most unlike energy of the gall bladder energy i.e. gall bladder energy is the terrestrial branch energy for 2020.

Also, we need to be aware of the energy imbalance occurring at the level of six division energy. yang ming six division energy is a combination of colon and stomach organic energy. In 2020 there is an excess of colon organic energy whilst stomach organic energy is completely missing for the whole year. This weakened state of yang ming energy is further compounded by the ruling (tu thien) six division energy for the year, shao yin, favourably destroying yang ming energy according to the ke cycle of the five element model. 

These energetic scenarios lead a master acupuncturist to choose Stomach 36, Colon 4 and Liver 3, Heart 6 as powerful energy points in preventing disease and promoting harmony in 2020.

Just as in the previous year, 2019, we need to pay particular attention to our diet. Eating at regular times of the day, choosing an alkaline diet and fasting one day every week helps the stomach and colon to cope with the energetic imbalance of 2020.


The seeds of financial success were sewn in 2019; in 2020 we have can gather the fruits of financial growth.

This is a year to cash in profits, investing profits in currency, banks and property (housing and land) for the best return.

Everyone feels better off in 2020!


For master acupuncturists happiness is achieved through harmony, both within and without.

Stimulating the 'four gates' (Colon 4 & Liver 3 bilateral) using acupuncture on the eight auspicious days of the new year is an obvious way to harmonise in 2020.

Then there is an acupuncture point that is 'the earth of the earth' point i.e. Stomach 36. 
This organic energy point happens to be the crucial point for stimulating the missing organic energy in this new year. We can all stimulate it by using fingertip pressure at the point:

this acupuncture point - ST-36 - is the increasing energy (horary) point for the missing organic energy of a 'metal rat' year.

2020 is a year where happiness is dependent on achieving a sense of calm amongst the storm of conflicting narrow-minded opinions that dominate this year.

The potential for serious conflict escalating to nation warfare is high if an open-minded collective consciousness is not adopted.


The climate in a 'keng tse' year is naturally much cooler and windier than average.

To begin the year there will be  increased wind and dryness, punctuated by short-lived violent thunderstorms.

Summer brings a heatwave with the likelihood of raging wildfires that extend into autumn.

Winter 2020 brings increased cold with heavy snow.

This 'keng tse' year brings a great degree of instability. Powerful excessive force brings to all of us a need to make wise choices in our lives in order to navigate the year safely.


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