Sunday, 10 January 2021

happy new year of the metal ox


happy new year everybody, the chinese new year begins on February 12th 2021

It is the year of the 'metal ox' and chinese folk astrology says that people born in this year will show themselves to be emotionally sensitive with a serious nature about them. They have an analytical approach to life that overrides their feelings, which can lead them to question their own motives. They have difficulty in asserting themselves in the face of stronger personalities, with a natural desire to retreat when put under pressure.

master acupuncturists know this year as a 'sin shou' year. 

'sin' refers to the yin of water, the celestial stem energy of the year. Being a yin celestial stem, this year's energy is in deficiency.

'shou' refers to the yin of wood, the terrestrial branch energy of the year. On earth the yin of wood manifests earth energy, hence the correlation with the ox, an animal that moves slowly over the earth, often yoked to heavy carts.

alchemically, as all master acupuncturists know, deficient water energy produces an excess of earth energy according to the ke cycle of five element theory, and in so doing will add to the earth deep energy generated by the year's terrestrial branch. 

This alchemical scenario, the interaction between heavenly and earthly energetics, can result in widespread famine for humans.

In this year the advice on health, wealth and happiness might well be:


The missing organic energy of 2021 is the three heater energy. Indeed, there is no fire element energy for the year at all.

Looking at the five element alchemy chart for 2021, the unlike qi of the celestial stem is the small intestine energy whilst the unlike qi of the terrestrial branch is also the small intestine energy.

A weak metabolic energetic function allied to weak small intestine energy brings up digestive issues.

Small intestine energy is a fire element energy.

Fortunately, the alchemy chart reveals an excess of wood element energy and deep energy. As wood nourishes fire it becomes obvious that the acupuncture point Small Intestine 3 is the balancing energy point for the year! Add acupuncture points Three Heater 2 and 3 to promote health and harmony throughout the year.


This is a year to consolidate gains made in 2020. Invest in metal commodities for a modest increase in wealth and cryptocurrencies for greater if riskier gains.


For master acupuncturists happiness is achieved through harmony, harmony both within and without.

Stimulating the 'four gates' (Colon 4 + Liver 3) on the 8 auspicious days of the year is an obvious way to harmonise in 2021.

2021 produces many serious concerns, focussed on earth energy. Make sure that your priority is to secure the products of the earth, especially food, for you and your family, as famine can rob many people of the happiness they need and deserve after the trials of 2020.

Use acupuncture point GV 20 when despair rules.


Compared to last year, this year the climate is far more stable and is highlighted by cool, damp and wet conditions. So watch out for an increase in flooding. 

Because the Earth has a weak fire element energy in 2021 there is a danger of space weather forcing coronal mass ejections towards the Earth as well as an increase in earthquakes.

As we know, every year produces energetic strengths and weaknesses. These effects are created by the Cycles of Life. These are natural cycles that determine not only the world we live in but also the world within us. 

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