Sunday, 26 January 2014

happy new year of the wood horse

happy new year everybody

the chinese new year begins on january 31st 2014. actually, master acupuncturists know that there are 3 chinese new years for every lunar calendar year!

the first is today, january 20th 2014, and is known as the celestial new years day. it always falls on the 20th or 21st january every year, when the constellation of aquarius is at 15 degrees to the earth.

the second, known as the terrestrial new years day, always falls on february 5th, the first day of spring according to the cycle of the four seasons.

the third, known as the human new years day, is the one we all hear about, falling on the second new moon after the winter solstice. this is the one that affects each of us as individuals and all of us as a race.

so, in a nutshell, there is a new years day in heaven (the celestial sphere); on earth (the terrestrial sphere); and in man (the human sphere).

what all three new years have in common is the same vibrational quality and quantity, determined by the cycles of life. the cycles of life repeat every 60 years (a sexagenary cycle) and they are the basis for master acupuncture practice.

so, let's have a look at the vibrational quality and quantity associated with the year of the wood horse. by doing this we can gain an insight into what to expect over the coming year, and how we might be affected!

the chinese name for a wood horse year is 'chia wu'. chia relates to the yang of wood and so in this new year there is an excess of organic energy, and the quality of this organic energy is exuberant and forceful. if you were to look for an example of this kind of organic energy you would do no better than to observe the crashing of waves upon the shore. that tube that surfers are forever searching to ride through is the energy of chia in nature. wu relates to the symbolic energy of the horse. now any horserider knows how spirited a horse can be. this is a very sensitive animal, so peaceful at rest and yet highly spirited when cajoled. we have to tame them, break them in, before they will do our bidding.

so, putting these two energetic scenarios together might seem like a recipe for a disastrous relationship - the forceful nature and the wild at heart nature - that could only produce mayhem and danger. fortunately though,
there is a saving grace to a 'chia wu' year and that is to be found by having a closer look at the excess organic energy of chia. in the cycles of life it is organised, contained indeed, within a field of earth energy.

alchemically, as all master acupuncturists know, earth energy destroys wood energy along the five element reverse ke cycle, gentling and slowing the flying horse, who gallops with the wind at his back. to be sure, the wood horse year is still a year of moving forward with pace and can we keep up, can we surf the wave, be at one with the flying horse?

if this is the nature of the host, the wood horse year, then we as guests would do well to harmonise with our host. as each of us has our own unique enegetic nature (our personal energy signature) this action can be easier for some than others! if you don't know whether you're a water dragon or an earth dog etc. then follow the link and simply key in your date of birth and find out.

it can all be worked out i.e. the relationship you already have with the new year, energetically speaking. and as we know (it's a universal law) energy creates, controls and sustains our forms i.e. our body/mind/soul/spirit forms. all this knowledge creates a possibility for master acupuncturists to harmonise the guest and the host, throughout their time together, by practicing the four 'change of season' treatments. you can access this treatment protocol at

medically speaking, in this new wood horse year, the missing organic energies of the metal element mean that the lungs and the colon are at greater risk during this year. this is especially so for the lungs at the beginning of the year i.e. february. so, be aerobic and keep thos lungs warm and dry to prevent illness. and then catch up with that flying horse!


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