Thursday, 21 November 2013

destiny becomes you

are you on a path, a trip with a destination, or are you travelling through life meeting whatever comes your way, wherever you may be, with whatever comes to hand? in other words, how much of your life seems to be down to you and how much seems to be random?

the chinese view on this matter gives us an alternative to Shakespeare's famous line on our lives, "all the world's a stage, ours is not to reason why, ours is just to do and die". if Shakespeare had been chinese that famous line would have read "all the world's a movie, we are it's star, acting out who we are".

for the chinese, this analogy with life being a movie starts before we were born. apparently, we helped to script the storyline and create the scenes that go to make up our own personal life movie before we were born. why? for the chance to become 'bigger & better'!

and because, basically, you are the star and co-director of your own life movie, what you choose to think and say and do either increases or decreases your chances of living a life that,  a) has a positive meaning to it and b) has a happy ending to it!

the royal families of ancient china - kings and emperors and their kin - mainly used acupuncture as a way to achieve their destiny. back then the understanding was that the four dimensions of life were represented in us i.e. as the body/mind/spirit/soul aspects of a human, according to the principle of macrocosm/microcosm ('as above/so below'). these four aspects of living were named 'the four pillars of destiny'. the nature of each pillar of destiny could be discovered by examining the quality and quantity of organic energy composing it. adjustments could then be made, using acupuncture techniques, which would allow the opportunity for one's destiny to be realised.

when you go to see a master acupuncturist he/she will be able to see your four pillars of destiny. they will resemble a four dimensional holographic chess board, the chess pieces being the organic energies for each level of being. the base, foundational pillar is known as the constitutional pillar that rules the body. it will show, upon analysis, the strengths & weaknesses of the physical body. balancing this pillar leads to a healthier constitution and more likelihood of being around for those climatic scenes when destiny is realised! similarly with the other three pillars - the mental pillar that rules thinking...the spiritual pillar that rules consciousness...and the soul pillar that rules balancing adjustments lead to an increase in the potential for health & harmony and ultimately, of course, for realising one's destiny. when it comes to balance, well we are all born out of balance. it is the price we pay for being individuals, separate from the one yet united by the one!

 or, as that master of poetry and philosophy, Goethe, put it:

"when you to the world were born, the sun stood still, greeting every star, 
and ever since you have striven to grow by the laws that rule who you are.
and in all of time no power can undo the living form that life created of you."

each of the four pillars of energy created at the moment of your birth are set to determine 
your physical, mental, spirit and soul make up and also determine how you will grow as an individual.

the master acupuncturist can use this knowledge to make sense of your past history, 
discover how you are doing on your path to mastering your destiny, and help you to achieve this ultimate goal. 

if the role of the shaman is to assist in mastering destiny then all master acupuncturists are shamans!

visit to realise your destiny

may we all become what we came to do...may we all become our destiny!

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