Wednesday, 18 February 2015

happy new year of the wood goat

happy new year everybody, the chinese new year begins on february 19th 2015.

actually, master acupuncturists know that there are 3 chinese new years every year!

the first is on january 20th 2015, and is known as the celestial new years day. it always falls on the 20th or 21st january every year, when the constellation of aquarius is at 15 degrees to the earth.

the second, known as the terrestrial new years day, always falls on february 5th. this is the first day of spring according to the cycle of the four seasons.

the third, known as the human new years day, is the one we all hear about, falling on the second new moon after the winter solstice. this is the one that affects each of us as individuals and all of us as a race.

so, in a nutshell, there is a new years day in heaven (the celestial sphere); on earth (the terrestrial sphere); and in man (the human sphere).

what all three new years have in common is the same vibrational quality and quantity, determined by the cycles of life. the cycles of life repeat every 60 years (a sexagenary cycle) and they are the basis for master acupuncture practice.

so, let's have a look at the vibrational quality and quantity associated with the year of the wood goat. by doing this we can gain an insight into what to expect over the coming year, and how we might be affected!

the chinese name for a wood goat year is 'yi wei'. yi relates to the yin of wood and so in this new year there is a deficiency of organic energy, and the quality of this organic energy is calm and flowing. if you were to look for an example of this kind of organic energy you would do no better than to observe the flow of river currents. the flowing strength of the river symbolises the energy of yi in nature. wei relates to the symbolic energy of the goat. now any goatherder knows the tawny strength of the goat, able to climb surefootedly in hostile terrain, able to digest anything edible, calm by nature until provoked!

so, in putting these two energetic scenarios together - calm, powerful, flowing energy and strong, nourishing energy - results in a relationship that produces a calm, pleasantly enjoyable and benign strength of nature, with the odd flare up from time to time!

a closer look at the deficient energy of 'yi' shows that, in the cycles of life, it is trapped within a ring of metal energy.

alchemically, as all master acupuncturists know, deficient metal energy allows fire energy to increase along the five element reverse ke cycle, and in so doing creates energetic heat and the occasional flare up.

if this is the energetic nature of the host 'yi wei', the wood goat year, then we as guests would do well to harmonise with our host. as each of us has our own unique enegetic nature (our personal energy signature) this action can be easier for some than others! if you don't know whether you're a water dragon or an earth dog etc. then follow the link and simply key in your date of birth and find out.

it can all be worked out i.e. the relationship you already have with the new year, energetically speaking. and as we know (it's a universal law) energy creates, controls and sustains our forms i.e. our body/mind/soul/spirit forms. all this knowledge creates a possibility for master acupuncturists to harmonise the guest and the host, throughout their time together, by practicing the four 'change of season' treatments. you can access this treatment protocol at

medically speaking, in this new wood goat year, the missing organic energies of the water element mean that the kidneys and the bladder are at greater risk during this year. this is especially so for the kidneys in the autumn i.e. the metal season in a deficient metal year. so, hydration is going to be particularily important then, and to a lesser extent throughout the whole year.

the climate in a 'yi wei' year is naturally drier than usual, summer being hotter than usual with the occasional heatwave. volcanic activity increases whilst earthquake activity decreases, however those earthquakes that do happen are likely major events.

The 'yi wei' year brings a welcome relief from the turbulent 'chia wu' year just past.


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