Sunday, 28 January 2018

introducing a new range of healthwear

welcome everybody,

this post is all about a new innovative range of healthwear designed to improve the health and well being of everyone.

based upon the principles of meridian acupuncture, these acubands deliver pressure and magnetism to specific acupuncture points.

So, what are the benefits of these healthwear bands, you might ask?

Well, looking from a master acupuncturist's perspective, even a busy master acupuncturist is not going to have more than a few thousand clients...healthwear bands could reach tens of thousands of people using the same principles that the master acupuncturist uses in the clinic.

For instance, the first acuband in the new healthwear range uses two acupuncture points - one to reduce the appettite and one to increase the feelgood factor - to promote weight loss.

It's not rocket science to realise that less desire to consume and less interest in comfort eating is likely to lead to weightloss - hence the Slimmaband, a device that consists of 11 rare earth neodymium magnets in series, connecting two meridian points.

The second acuband is known as the Sportaband. As the name suggests, it's all about sports and specifically sports performance. Wouldn't it be great if you could maintain that competitive level for longer or boost your power levels? Well, that's what the Sportaband is designed to do.

On the drawing board of master acupuncture at the moment is the third in the healthwear range: the Smartaband. Once again, it's purpose is in the name. Master acupuncturists have known for thousands of years that certain meridian points are able to affect brain function. Indeed, some master acupuncturists specialise in neuroacupuncture. One of these neuroacupuncture points is used in the Smartaband.

The Slimmaband, the Sportaband, the Smartaband: these are acubands that promote health and well being by using acupuncture points with well established functions.

The potential for developing healthwear using meridian acupuncture points is enormous. The hope is that by starting with lifestyle acubands that enough interest will be generated to explore the role of acubands in medical conditions.

To this end, you may well be interested in supporting the cost of developing the first in the range, the Slimmaband, by going to

Stay healthy