Wednesday, 11 April 2018

the alchemy of you

welcome everybody,

as you probably know, master acupuncturists are alchemists.

They can transform your energy body by inserting acupuncture needles into specific acupuncture points along meridians of energy (qi).  Why would they do this?

They do this because the more that your energy body is out of balance then the more likely your physical body will be out of balance, and produce symptoms of ill health.

This alchemical approach to resolving health issues starts with knowing your alchemical balance from birth. For you see, as the romantic scientist Humboldt said, "alchemy is a satisfactory philosophy of knowledge; whereas science is a satisfactory philosophy of ignorance"!

This knowledge of alchemical imbalance from birth was summed up poetically by another great western thinker thus:

'when you to the world were given,
the sun stood still and greeted every star,
and ever since you have striven
to grow by the laws that rule who you are.

and in all of time
no power can undo 
the living form 
that life created of you'

And it's true, no power can undo the alchemical laws of birth. But what can be done is to transform those alchemical imbalances, to transform by degrees to prevent those energy body imbalances becoming so great that they produce symptoms of ill health. This is where the master acupuncturist comes in.

Goethe makes the connection between alchemy and astrology. The master acupuncturist connects daoist alchemy and chinese astrology to balance the energy body.

Astrology is very popular these days, even chinese astrology. Doesn't everyone know whether they are a Water Dragon or an Earth Dog or a Metal Tiger etc? And even probably know the cute thumbnail characteristics of being an Earth Dog, for instance (the generous, affectionate, homeloving type of dog!).

Even so, what hides behind this folksy chinese astrological picture is an alchemic mosaic of energy patterns that defines each of us as unique individuals, each of us as representations of a moment in time and space as the sun stood still and greeted every star.

The alchemy of you is the energetic moment of your birth. Knowing your 'personal energy signature' i.e. the alchemy of you, is essential knowledge for the master acupuncturist in diagnosis and treament.

Knowing your own alchemy is empowering, you might say it's a birthright!

Stay healthy

If you would like to know your own 'personal energy signature' then follow the link

An example of a five element personal energy signature 
for someone born on 02/08/1964

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

happy new year of the earth dog

happy new year everybody, the chinese new year begins on february 16th 2018.

it's the year of the 'earth dog' and chinese folk astrology says that people born in this year will show themselves to be affectionate, generous, communicative, home loving though serious workers, and full of energy. Beware of the earth dog's barking nature, though this is a dog who's bark is worse than it's bite!

master acupuncturists know this year as a 'wu hsiu' year.

Wu relates to the yang of the Fire element and so in this new year there is an excess of organic energy, and the quality of that energy is excitable and demanding. If you were to look for an example of this kind of organic energy in nature then you need look no further than a wildfire.

Hsiu relates to the symbolic energy of the dog. Any dog owner knows that a dog can be very affectionate and loyal if it's needs are met; equally, they soon let you know when they feel neglected.

So, in putting these two energetic scenarios together - excitable and demanding, emotional and needy - results in a relationship that produces a dramatic nature that is steadied through being centred/balanced/grounded.

Alchemically, as all master acupuncturists know, excess fire energy will produce deficient metal energy according to the ke cycle of five element theory, and in so doing weakens the grasp on physical reality and the things of the physical world, only to increase an intensity of being.

So, in this new year, the advice on health, wealth and happiness might well be:


The missing organic energies in this new year are the lung, colon and gall bladder energies. With the Metal element deficient ther's an obvious need to strenghten the lungs through exercise and perhaps have a colonic irrigation (or at least have a detox diet for a few days every season). Keeping active will also help to stimulate the gall bladder energy (a function of gall bladder energy is to 'gather and nourish the tendons and ligaments').

Physical activity needs to be increased in a 'wu hsiu' year. It helps to burn off excess fire energy and it stimulates the Wood element and Wood deep energy, which are both missing in the alchemical chart for this new year.


So, this is a new year in which, to be on the safe side, you need to try and hold on to what you have!

However, it's also a year that tempts one to try one's luck!!

Investing in currencies and mining should be avoided (metal energy is weak throughout the year).

Excess fire energy indicates that communication sectors will do well, especially communication infrastructures.


For master acupuncturists happiness is achieved through harmony, both within and without.

Stimulating the 'four gates' using acupuncture on the eight auspicious days of the new year is
one way to harmonise in any year.
For this new year we can all help to harmonise ourselves by taking on some of the above mentioned characteristics during an earth dog year.
Then there is an acupuncture point that 'harmonises the interior and the exterior' and that happens to be a gall bladder energy point, a missing organic energy in this new year. We can all stimulate it by using fingertip pressure at the point:

Stimulate by rotating clockwise pressure using a fingertip, crystal etc.

The Climate in a wu hsiu year is naturally much hotter than average, especially in the high summer season and throughout the autumn. Famine through crop failure is likely to increase. As will wildfires. 
The best case scenario is a wet spring, a great long summer, virtually no autumn followed by a hard winter.
The worst case scenario is catastrophic fire due to volcanic activity etc.

The 'wu hsiu' year brings an abundance of vibrant, passionate energy that moves forward, with an intensity, the fruits of the previous year.


Sunday, 28 January 2018

introducing a new range of healthwear

welcome everybody,

this post is all about a new innovative range of healthwear designed to improve the health and well being of everyone.

based upon the principles of meridian acupuncture, these acubands deliver pressure and magnetism to specific acupuncture points.

So, what are the benefits of these healthwear bands, you might ask?

Well, looking from a master acupuncturist's perspective, even a busy master acupuncturist is not going to have more than a few thousand clients...healthwear bands could reach tens of thousands of people using the same principles that the master acupuncturist uses in the clinic.

For instance, the first acuband in the new healthwear range uses two acupuncture points - one to reduce the appettite and one to increase the feelgood factor - to promote weight loss.

It's not rocket science to realise that less desire to consume and less interest in comfort eating is likely to lead to weightloss - hence the Slimmaband, a device that consists of 11 rare earth neodymium magnets in series, connecting two meridian points.

The second acuband is known as the Sportaband. As the name suggests, it's all about sports and specifically sports performance. Wouldn't it be great if you could maintain that competitive level for longer or boost your power levels? Well, that's what the Sportaband is designed to do.

On the drawing board of master acupuncture at the moment is the third in the healthwear range: the Smartaband. Once again, it's purpose is in the name. Master acupuncturists have known for thousands of years that certain meridian points are able to affect brain function. Indeed, some master acupuncturists specialise in neuroacupuncture. One of these neuroacupuncture points is used in the Smartaband.

The Slimmaband, the Sportaband, the Smartaband: these are acubands that promote health and well being by using acupuncture points with well established functions.

The potential for developing healthwear using meridian acupuncture points is enormous. The hope is that by starting with lifestyle acubands that enough interest will be generated to explore the role of acubands in medical conditions.

To this end, you may well be interested in supporting the cost of developing the first in the range, the Slimmaband, by going to

Stay healthy