Tuesday, 29 April 2014

cancer and master acupuncture

cancer is a western medicine disease whereas master acupuncturists practice oriental medicine, so how is it going to be possible to reconcile these two entities - the disease of cancer and the practice of master acupuncture - to the point where the disease can be treated by the practice?

the answer is in two parts: i) by examining the symptoms; and ii) by examining the energetics that underlie genetic predisposition.

firstly, the dominant symptom of cancer appears to be the development of malignant tumours. tumours are lumps of tissue. in oriental medicine tissue lumps are diagnosed as congealed blood and phlegm. Congealed blood and phlegm occurs due to a functional deficiency of the spleen organic energy. indeed, a major function of the spleen, in oriental medicine, is the transformation of congealed blood and phlegm. the deep organic energy of the spleen has a fire quality that dries out phlegm and shrivels lumps.

secondly, the development of a serious, life threatening disease - according to oriental medicine - occurs as a result of an extreme organic energetic imbalance that triggers a predisposition to specific organ disease and/or dysfunction. just as there are genetic markers in western medicine that predispose to certain diseases, so there are energetic markers in oriental medicine that predispose to certain diseases. these energetic markers are collectively known as 'the four pillars of destiny'.

when master acupuncturists diagnose the condition congealed blood and phlegm in a client, they know that they are dealing with an imbalance of the spleen organic energy, either in quantity or in quality or both. they apply the acupuncture formula for this condition, using specific acupuncture points that tonify and support the spleen energy. moxibustion is applied to each of the four needles used in this treatment. the aim is to reduce the size of the lumps over the course of the treatment.

then the master acupuncturist examines the energetics of the client's fourth pillar of destiny. this energetic pattern, created at the moment of birth, reveals the underlying energetic predisposition for serious illness to occur, should the client become extremely energetically imbalanced. the master acupuncturist balances the energetics of the fourth pillar of destiny to resolve the underlying cause of serious, life threatening disease.

the following recent case history serves as an example of how a master acupuncturist responds to a client who presents in clinic with the western medical diagnosis of cancer.

Client: Michele K      d.o.b. 23/04/1965

24/10/2013 - Initial Consultation

Western Medical History - the client presents with cancer in the left neck lymph nodes/cancer cells in the chest cavity/cancer in the liver (at least 7 tumours). Relevant past western medical history goes back to March 2011 when a womb ablation procedure was carried out that resulted in a womb infection that required 2 months of antibiotics to clear up. In April 2011 the client had a lumpectomy left breast and in August 2011 an axillary clearance of left armpit lymph cancer.

Current medication: capecitabine tablet chemotherapy: 2 weeks on/1 week off. A portacap was fitted on the right side in June 2013.

Oriental Medical History - the client presents with congealed blood and phlegm phlegm affecting three heater/lung/liver organic energy. Relevant past oriental medical history goes back to trauma of the spleen organic energy (the womb is controlled and nourished by this energy in oriental medicine) in March 2011, when the womb was subject to 30 seconds of radiotherapy followed by 2 months of antibiotics (these drugs weaken the spleen organic energy). Spleen organic energy dysfunction in transforming congealed blood and phlegm led to the formation of lumps to present day.

Michelle's personal energy signature, her energetic predisposition, indicates serious illness can be triggered by an imbalance between the small intestine and the lung organic energies.

In order to manage Michele's expectations a master acupuncture 'consent to treatment' form is signed by the client. This is a consent to treatment of the oriental medical condition known as congealed blood and phlegm.

                      Initial Treatment

Treatment is focused on tonifying the spleen organic energy; clearing the unwanted side effects of chemotherapy - the client is shown how to stimulate the acupuncture point pericardium-6 (nausea point); and raising the spirit by needling the highest energy point in the meridian system (ba hai at the vertex of the head).

31/10/2013 - 2nd Treatment

Michele reports that she is back on the 2 weekly chemotherapy cycle. She complains of raw, painful palms and soles. a bruised area has appeared at acupuncture point small intestine-18 on the face.

Treatment is focused on increasing cool, yin energy by activating the sea of yin meridian (ren mai) and then cooling the metabolism by using the metabolic regulating points along the ren mai.

8/11/2013 - 3rd Treatment

Michele reports that her sleep has improved, along with her mood. She complains of being hot on the outside and cold on the inside.

Treatment is the needling of the 'four gates', well known for harmonising internal and the external sensation

13/11/2013 - 4th Treatment

Improvements are again made in energy levels and sleeping well but Michele feels nauseous, and was physically sick that very morning, as well as abdominal distension. Blood test results reveal a strengthened liver function.

Treatment is focused on the nausea and distension symptoms using pericardium-6 and the acupuncture point for abdominal distension (liver-13).

22/11/2013 - 5th Treatment

The client has discovered what seem to be lumps in her right breast and she is to go for further investigation next week.

Treatment is focused on stimulating the spleen organic energy in both quantity and quality.

28/11/2013 - 6th Treatment

Scans show that it is scar tissue formation and not tumours in her right breast.

Treatment is focused on balancing the pulses according to oriental medicine.

5/12/2013 - 7th Treatment

At the last treatment session it was explained to the client that she was now strong enough in terms of energetic oriental medicine to begin a series of treatments using the master acupuncture formula for reducing lumps of congealed blood and phlegm.

Treatment - the four points were needled and each point was fired up by burning moxa on it five times.

Michele was then instructed in how to use moxa sticks to self-moxa the four points once a day.

12/12/2013 - 8th Treatment

Michele has been experiencing extremely painful, raw and cracked skin on her hands and feet for the past 3 weeks, put down to chemotherapy side effects. Her western medicine consultant has suspended the chemotherapy because of this side effect. The client reports that mucous and phlegm are being released through her 'orofices'. Energy levels remain good.

Treatment - the master acupuncture formula for congealed phlegm with more self-moxa sticks to last until the next treatment.

16/12/2013 - 9th Treatment

Michele reports that sore/red hands and feet problem is clearing up. She feels tired but restful. Chemotherapy has been suspended for the last 18 days, with CT scans and a consultant meeting due
next month.

Treatment - the mini series of master acupuncture formula treatments is completed during this session but the client will continue to self-moxa the four points herself up until the next treatment.

23/12/2013 - 10th Treatment

Michele reports that blood test results show nothing abnormal. However, she is concerned about deteriorating health, about ending up in a wheelchair with intravenous chemotherapy. She has decided not to take her prescribed chemotherapy. the client complains of liver pain that feels like chronic indigestion with throbbing.

Treatment is focused on liver pain relief and liver function stimulation by using the liver and gallbladder command points on the bladder meridian.

21/1/2014 - 11th Treatment

The client reports that she has been trying the chemotherapy on and off over the past month but complains of sickness and venal problems. Michele also has the same liver pains as before.

Treatment this time combines the master acupuncture formula plus the nausea point plus the abdominal distension point.

6/3/2014 - 12th Treatment

CT scan results have come back, showing a lymphatic tumour in the neck that has increased in size - but the largest liver tumour has reduced by 33%. On examination, her hands and feet are swollen and raw. She is back on chemotherapy.

Treatment is focused on regulating the fire quality of the spleen organic energy.

27/ 3/2014 - 13th Treatment

Michele reports that all swellings and internal heat are much lower, even the hands and feet.

Treatment is focused on increasing yang energy by activating the sea of yang meridian (du mai) and the bladder meridian.

The next CT scan results are expected before the next treatment session.

14/4/2014 - 14th treatment

Ct scan results were in on the 1st April: Multiple tumours in the liver are now almost invisible. All chest cavity tumours have gone. The neck tumour has gone. Some non-pathogenic lumps and some lymphoedema remain. The oncologist has advised Michele to continue with the chemotherapy, however she has refused. The oncologist agrees to a six week break in the chemotherapy on the understanding that Michele takes Letrozole (tablets) hormonal treatment. Letrozole prevents the body from producing oestrogen in the fat reserves, effectively starving the remaining cancerous tumours. The client reports that she has not taken the letrozole as previous hormonal treatment for the cancer in her body "had a serious nasty effect".

 Treatment this time is the opposite of the last treatment, with sea of yin (ren mai) activated and  metabolic function regulated.

21/4/2014 - 15th Treatment

Michele has low back pain but feels a lot stronger. She looks vibrant and says she feels less vulnerable.

Treatment is focused on the underlying cause of serious illness for her i.e. the small intestine organic energy and it's relative balance to the lung organic energy. The acupuncture point small intestine-5 is used. This point reduces over production of oestrogen, for which her consultant has recommended a course of hormonal treatment.

The course of oriental medicine treatment for congealed blood and phlegm is now completed.

Michele's next oncology appointment is on May 15th 2014. The client will return in 6 weeks time for a follow up consultation with a view to further master acupuncture treatment as necessary.

Friday, 4 April 2014

autism and master acupuncture


in a week that marks the passing of world autism awareness day it seems appropriate to give an insight into how master acupuncturists view and treat the condition known as autism. in the oriental medicine model autism is classed as a 'borderline personality' condition.

in western medicine we use the terminology 'autistic spectrum disorders'. "studies of the brains of individuals with autism provide evidence of differences in how the brain is organised, in how it functions, even in it's size. thinking differently is not a choice in autism" (minshew and williams, 2008). basically, people with autism have bigger brains, with more connections. this brain difference is considered to be the reason for children with autism exhibiting, to a greater or lesser degree, a triad of impairment which is the defining characteristic of autism:- a) language impairment across all modes of communication i.e. speech, intonation, gesture, facial expression and other body language. b) rigidity and inflexibility of thought processes i.e. resistance to change, obsessional and ritualistic behaviours. c) difficulties with social relationships i.e. poor social timing, lack of social empathy, rejection of normal body contact, inappropriate eye contact. currently there are no chemical treatments for autism (although there are some  encouraging results being obtained at the alpha learning institute, switzerland with the use of superconductors such as monoatomic gold that are claimed to disentangle the dna threads associated with the autistic brain).

treatment of autism in western medicine is mainly psychological, with an assessment of strengths and difficulties through cognitive testing and by observing, analysing and understanding behaviours. these assessments allow for therapeutic interventions, strategies for support and behaviour support plans.

in oriental medicine the brain is considered as the command and control centre of the organism, it's embryonic development beginning in the fourth lunar month of pregnancy and completed in the tenth lunar month of pregnancy (a full term pregnancy being one of 40 weeks). embryonic consciousness develops in the the third lunar month of pregnancy (this is the spirit manifesting as consciousness) whilst personality (soul manifestation) is only completed at the moment of birth. in oriental medicine we are interested in the subtle anatomy and physiology of the organism, on the universal principle that energy creates, controls and sustains form. the triad of impairment which is the defining characteristic of autism from a western medical viewpoint has an underlying energetic triad of impairment from an oriental medical viewpoint,  and remember, crucially, it is all a matter of 'to a greater or lesser degree', a matter of balance.

now, we are all born out of balance, it is the price we pay for having individual consciousness. by examining those imbalances at birth we can discern the nature of these imbalances at birth, these energetic imbalances that will rule the rest of our lives. collectively, these energetic imbalances at birth are known in oriental medicine as 'the four pillars of destiny'.

the borderline personality condition of oriental medicine is created by an abnormality of the command and control centre, the brain, that arose embryonically and that is defined by specific energetic imbalances affecting mind, body and soul. the most important of these energetic imbalances, the metabolic energy that grounds consciousness, known as the three heater energy, if in excess can lead to a dreamlike child in a world of their own, or if deficient can leave a child disconnected from the world around them. then again, a child whose surface of their soul i.e. their personality, is defined as colon in metal by their fourth pillar of destiny, will find greater difficulty in communicating who they are to the rest of the world than say a child with stomach in fire as their fourth pillar of destiny. in this example the master acupuncturist knows that stimulating the acupuncture point liver-4 according to guest/host law, or acupuncture point stomach-41 according to the ke cycle, will moderate this deeply introverted soul.

so, for the master acupuncturist, there are a number of strategic energetic interventions that can be made to moderate the autism triad of impairment defined by western medicine: improving an awareness of self and other, improving communication and sensory awareness, moderating challenging or unusual behaviour.
during this week everyone who can is reaching out to those children who are locked into a 
world of their own...every viewpoint is valid...and together we can make a difference.