Thursday, 24 August 2017

Secret Medicine - The Road Less Travelled

Since the communist revolution in China it has been Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has flourished, there and throughout the western world. The Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) model first recorded in the Yellow Emperors Classic on Internal Medicine has all but been obliterated over the following thousands of years.

So it's understandable that today's acupuncturists focus their treatment interventions utilising the TCM model.

Even so, by great good fortune, the CCM model has been preserved, passed down the generations in full by oral transmission. 

This jewel in the crown of the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen, known as 'tian gan di zhi' (celestial stems & terrestrial branches), has now been written down in the contemporary book 'Mimi Neike' (secret internal medicine).

Insights into the the CCM of the 'tian gan di zhi' cosmological model are being showcased at on their secret medicine page.

If there is enough interest from the acupuncture community in this road less travelled then the full book will be published.

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