Wednesday, 30 August 2017

power points and master acupuncture


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this post is the last in the current series of power point presentations...and what better subject to end on than paediatric acupuncture. Once we reach adulthood our energy patterns are fairly well fixed, the result of all that growth and development and living from birth. These matured energy patterns are far less responsive to interventions than to those immature energy patterns of the young.

For the master acupuncturist, treating the young is both a privilege and an opportunity. A privilege because the power of the needle is so much greater in a developing human being; and an opportunity because correcting energetic imbalance in the developing years leads to less likelihood of illness in adult years.

We'll look at two power point presentations that showcase the range and possibilities of master paediatric acupuncture:

a method for growing taller

Whether there is a need to correct slow growth or just the desire to grow taller, the master acupuncturist has an intriguing formula that encourages bone growth. At the ends of each long bone is an epiphyseal plate, the place where bones grow longer. The master acupuncturist knows that this plate is governed by the heart energy, and it is energy point Yin Xi that is used in the formula:

Yin Xi, Zu San Li, Zhen Que

Yin Xi is first needled, on the left for a boy, on the right for a girl. The same for Zu San Li.
Fill Zhen Que with himalayan salt. Cover the salt with a thin slice of garlic. Moxa the energy point at least 12 times (using pyramidal moxa cones), not more than 24 times. Zu San Li is the last needle to be removed in the treatment process. Repeat the treatment two/three weeks later and then a further treatment 2/3 months later.

With this treatment what is happening is that the blood is enriched with nutrients that travel to the epiphyseal plates of long bones, which increases growth rate.

The master acupuncturist is nourishing and stimulating the yin of the heart!

a method for controlling ADHD

In mainstream society there are norms of behaviour.
Then there is unacceptable behaviour, the sort of behaviour that negatively affects peoples well being.

Those children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) will find it hard to keep up with their peers in developing into mature adults. And those close to such children will equally find it hard in tolerating their antisocial behaviour.

The master acupuncturist uses their diagnostic skills in reaching a diagnosis of excess Shao Yang energy for such children. The remedy is simple: sedate Shao Yang energy.

Shao Yang energy is one of the Six Divisions of energy associated with mental attitudes. Shao Yang equates to Heat and a hot mental attitude when in excess! 

Shao Yang energy is composed of Three Heater and Gall Bladder organic energy, so the master acupuncturist sedates energy points Wei Guan and Zu Lin Qi, keeping the needles in situ for just 10 minutes. 

The ADHD sufferer will need to attend a course of 4-6 treatments to establish control over their affliction, most likely weekly appointments. Such children are notoriously difficult in cooperating with this form of treatment, so a lot has to be expected of their loved ones in supporting the treatment programme.

The power to prevent health issues is never more apparent in the profession of acupuncture than it is in the paediatric field.

We will return to the theme of power point presentations in the future, no doubt.

Until then we trust that these power point presentations have given an insight into the workings of master acupuncture.

Stay healthy

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Secret Medicine - The Road Less Travelled

Since the communist revolution in China it has been Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has flourished, there and throughout the western world. The Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) model first recorded in the Yellow Emperors Classic on Internal Medicine has all but been obliterated over the following thousands of years.

So it's understandable that today's acupuncturists focus their treatment interventions utilising the TCM model.

Even so, by great good fortune, the CCM model has been preserved, passed down the generations in full by oral transmission. 

This jewel in the crown of the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen, known as 'tian gan di zhi' (celestial stems & terrestrial branches), has now been written down in the contemporary book 'Mimi Neike' (secret internal medicine).

Insights into the the CCM of the 'tian gan di zhi' cosmological model are being showcased at on their secret medicine page.

If there is enough interest from the acupuncture community in this road less travelled then the full book will be published.