Monday, 29 May 2017

power points and master acupuncture

Welcome everybody,

It was an awesome challenge: develop the detox industry standard for acupuncture detox programmes. And in conjunction with Amchara Retreats we nailed it! Not only that, we also put tui na massage on the detox map.

The full acupuncture detox protocol was posted in my last blog, and the tui na massage detox programme is currently being videoed for youtube.

So, its time to move on to a new topic: power points.

Whilst all energy points along meridians of energy have an innate power it is undoubtedly true that certain energy points, either on their own or in combination with other energy points, can have a powerful effect on specific health matters.

Take, for instance, the use of the 'four gates' combination of two energy points used in the acupuncture detox programme. The symbiotic connection of two energy points to produce a powerful overall shift in the human condition is perfectly demonstrated in this stage of the acupuncture detox programme.

Now of course master acupuncturists regularly use power points in their practice. Even so, all acupuncturists are aware that certain energy points consistently produce powerful results.

Lets take two power points - the most well known, most used power point and the most least known, least used power point - and examine their powerful importance.

Most well known, most used power point is San Yin Jiao.

Also known as 'three yin crossing' and spleen-6, this power point is needled bilaterally. The fact that it is known as the 'sock point' because that's where you find it, where your socks naturally fall around your ankles, that it is so easy to locate, that is not the reason why its the most used power point!

Rather, it's firstly because it effects all three lower yin meridians. These three meridians create, control and sustain three very important physical organs of the body: the kidneys, the liver and the spleen. Secondly, the spleen energy is vital for concentration, memory, thinking,and the immune system amongst other functions. All of which are under constant pressure in the modern, westernised world that we live in.

This power point is the master point for regulating the thyroid.

Least well known, least used power point has no name.

If all acupuncturists are familiar with the power of san yin jiao, only master acupuncturists know of the existence of the least used power point. The fact that it has no name, indeed doesn't even come under the category of 'extra points', is not the reason why it is the least used power point!

Rather, it's firstly because it effects an extraordinary meridian, the conception vessel. This sea of yin meridian is responsible for creating and nourishing new life within. Secondly, the action of sedating this power point is to make the lining of the womb unreceptive to any fertilised egg that might try to attach to it; hence, preventing conception!

The awesome power of this point - it could be called the 'unreceptive point' I suppose - is further sustained with the knowledge that it's effects last for up to nine months (although it's advisable to repeat every six months to be safe).

The exact location of this power point is to be found in the book 'Mimi Neike', which also contains a case history example using this power point in the treatment prescription.

Next power point presentation.

Ever needed to increase your brain power?
Using a gold needle on a single power point will do it for you!

Extending life to allow life saving interventions is a powerful ability and can be achieved by using a combination of three acupuncture points.

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