Wednesday, 30 August 2017

power points and master acupuncture


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this post is the last in the current series of power point presentations...and what better subject to end on than paediatric acupuncture. Once we reach adulthood our energy patterns are fairly well fixed, the result of all that growth and development and living from birth. These matured energy patterns are far less responsive to interventions than to those immature energy patterns of the young.

For the master acupuncturist, treating the young is both a privilege and an opportunity. A privilege because the power of the needle is so much greater in a developing human being; and an opportunity because correcting energetic imbalance in the developing years leads to less likelihood of illness in adult years.

We'll look at two power point presentations that showcase the range and possibilities of master paediatric acupuncture:

a method for growing taller

Whether there is a need to correct slow growth or just the desire to grow taller, the master acupuncturist has an intriguing formula that encourages bone growth. At the ends of each long bone is an epiphyseal plate, the place where bones grow longer. The master acupuncturist knows that this plate is governed by the heart energy, and it is energy point Yin Xi that is used in the formula:

Yin Xi, Zu San Li, Zhen Que

Yin Xi is first needled, on the left for a boy, on the right for a girl. The same for Zu San Li.
Fill Zhen Que with himalayan salt. Cover the salt with a thin slice of garlic. Moxa the energy point at least 12 times (using pyramidal moxa cones), not more than 24 times. Zu San Li is the last needle to be removed in the treatment process. Repeat the treatment two/three weeks later and then a further treatment 2/3 months later.

With this treatment what is happening is that the blood is enriched with nutrients that travel to the epiphyseal plates of long bones, which increases growth rate.

The master acupuncturist is nourishing and stimulating the yin of the heart!

a method for controlling ADHD

In mainstream society there are norms of behaviour.
Then there is unacceptable behaviour, the sort of behaviour that negatively affects peoples well being.

Those children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) will find it hard to keep up with their peers in developing into mature adults. And those close to such children will equally find it hard in tolerating their antisocial behaviour.

The master acupuncturist uses their diagnostic skills in reaching a diagnosis of excess Shao Yang energy for such children. The remedy is simple: sedate Shao Yang energy.

Shao Yang energy is one of the Six Divisions of energy associated with mental attitudes. Shao Yang equates to Heat and a hot mental attitude when in excess! 

Shao Yang energy is composed of Three Heater and Gall Bladder organic energy, so the master acupuncturist sedates energy points Wei Guan and Zu Lin Qi, keeping the needles in situ for just 10 minutes. 

The ADHD sufferer will need to attend a course of 4-6 treatments to establish control over their affliction, most likely weekly appointments. Such children are notoriously difficult in cooperating with this form of treatment, so a lot has to be expected of their loved ones in supporting the treatment programme.

The power to prevent health issues is never more apparent in the profession of acupuncture than it is in the paediatric field.

We will return to the theme of power point presentations in the future, no doubt.

Until then we trust that these power point presentations have given an insight into the workings of master acupuncture.

Stay healthy

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Secret Medicine - The Road Less Travelled

Since the communist revolution in China it has been Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has flourished, there and throughout the western world. The Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) model first recorded in the Yellow Emperors Classic on Internal Medicine has all but been obliterated over the following thousands of years.

So it's understandable that today's acupuncturists focus their treatment interventions utilising the TCM model.

Even so, by great good fortune, the CCM model has been preserved, passed down the generations in full by oral transmission. 

This jewel in the crown of the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen, known as 'tian gan di zhi' (celestial stems & terrestrial branches), has now been written down in the contemporary book 'Mimi Neike' (secret internal medicine).

Insights into the the CCM of the 'tian gan di zhi' cosmological model are being showcased at on their secret medicine page.

If there is enough interest from the acupuncture community in this road less travelled then the full book will be published.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

power points and master acupuncture


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after our last, shall we say,  'painful' power point presentation let's move onto some pleasure power points!

the power point that gets you high - Bai Hui

Also known as 'one hundred meetings' and GV-20, this is the point to lift anyone's spirits. It's the high point of our human energy network, located at the vertex of the skull, you can't get any higher than that!

Master acupuncturists routinely check the state of this power point during the first consultation. If there is a significant physical depression here then there is quite likely a corresponding mental depressive state.

This power point is ideally stimulated with a gold needle for maximum effect, but we can all stimulate this power point ourselves with gentle circulating pressure from a finger or even an energetic amplifier such as a quartz crystal. Stimulating pressure is applied with a clockwise motion (obviously then, sedating pressure is an anti-clockwise motion).

There can be many cautions when using neuroacupuncture power points such as bai hui, mainly because of their great sensitivity. The master acupuncturist knows not to use bai hui where there is high blood pressure as a result of emotional stress!

yin & yang depression formulae

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes, and most of the time we can use our mental defense mechanisms to get through this negative mood, and we can use the support of those around us to bring us out of ourselves.

When negative energy patterns are resistant to the usual common sense approach, when people become overwhelmed by negativity, we call this clinical depression.

In the West, psychiatrists classify clinical depression into two types: endogenous and reactive types. The first arises from internal negative thinking whilst the second is a reaction to negative life events.

The master acupuncturist has two different formulas for these two types of depression: the yin and the yang depression formulae.

The yin depression formula corresponds to western endogenous depression, with characteristic symptoms of anxiety, pressured negative thinking, lethargy, poor concentration, self obsession, low self esteem. The formula is: Yin Bai; Da Du; Tai Bai; Gong Sun; Qu Quan.

In this type of depression a negative energy pattern produces great yin deficiency, disturbing the will of the zhi, the spiritual aspect of the yin of the earth in a human being.

The yang depression formula corresponds to western reactive depression, with characteristic symptoms of agitation, panic, insomnia, hypersensitivity, poor appetite, low self confidence, stress and exhaustion. The formula is: Lie Que; Tai Yuan; Pian Li; Wen Liu; Zhi Zheng; Xiao Hai; Tong Li.

In this type of depression a negative energy pattern produces an empty yang state, where the yin fails to nourish the yang (there is a yin/yang disconnect), and the will of the shen falters.

next blog

Our next blog is going to focus on paediatric master acupuncture in general and two developmental issues in human growth in particular - literally, how to grow taller is one issue, the other is that scourge of parent and teacher alike, ADHD.

Until then, stay healthy

Friday, 30 June 2017

power points and master acupuncture

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and thank you for all the positive feedback on this series of power point presentations, much appreciated.

So, here goes with our third presentation!

mastering the pain of angina with the power point Xi Men

Also known as 'door of opposition' and PC-4, this power point regulates the blood and energy flow to the heart.

As western medicine now knows, angina is a referred pain resulting from a narrowing of the coronary arteries which are then unable to deliver quantities of oxygenated blood on demand.

This referred pain travels from the heart along the Pericardium energy meridian.

Xi Men works by dilating the coronary arteries and expanding the diaphragm, responding to oxygenation demands made upon heart muscle.

Medical Qigong, especially dragon tiger qigong, is recommended in tandem with treatment by Xi Men.

mastering knee pain with the 'four eyes of qi' power points

the 'four eyes of qi' power points are located as shown (see the four black dots)

The knee joint is the most complicated joint in the human body. Not only that, it has to bear our body weight whether we are standing still or are on the move!

In clinical master acupuncture practice our findings are that 85% of knee pain responds favourably to treatment with the 'four eyes of qi'.

You can even gain some relief from knee pain by finding these points yourself (as with most joint energy points you will find them in small grooves or clefts around the joint) and applying finger acupressure to these power points. Stimulate with some vigour to obtain temporary pain relief.

Follow up the 'four eyes of qi' treatment by firstly using standing medical qigong exercise, and the secondly, once pain levels reduce, use moving medical qigong exercises.

Sadly, in the very mental civilisation that we live in today, the tendency is for mental activity to dominate physical activity, resulting in ungrounded living!

Much knee pain could be prevented by not using the knee joint as a weight bearing joint, but rather as a weight transference joint, transferring body weight to the soles of the feet. Hence, the advice to practice medical qigong exercise.

Further long term advice for those suffering chronic knee pain is to drink horsetail grass tea. A pot of tea a day for three months is said to regenerate cartilage tissue in the body - knee cartilage erosion is a big factor in this type of knee pain.

next power point presentation

Master acupuncture goes 'mental' in our next power point presentation.

We reveal the yin and yang depression formulae and the point that gets you high!

Until then, may we all be blessed with health and harmony.

Monday, 19 June 2017

power points and master acupuncture

Welcome everybody,

We are back in the groove with another power point presentation, same format, different energy points!

A prescription for intelligence - the neuroacupuncture power point Ya Men

Also known as 'mute's door' and GV-15, this power point is the master point in the treatment of the traditional chinese medicine (tcm) syndrome 'phlegm/fire mists the orifices of the brain'.

Saying that, it should be obvious that anyone with that  'woolly head' feeling is going to benefit from this power point!

Now Master acupuncturists, of course, know so much more about this power point than the
mere tcm understanding.

Being a stand alone, one point neuroacupuncture prescription, the master acupuncturist will use a gold needle for maximum effect (needling technique will be neutral).  And that effect will be to open and strengthen an energy gate (known as a window of sky gate) between the brain and the spinal cord, stimulating neural transmissions. The two most stimulated neural pathways using this power point with a gold needle are those affecting the pituitary gland and the vocal chords.

Ya Men is situated on the midline of the nape of the neck, between the spinous processes of C-1 and C-2. So, not difficult to find for everybody. This power point responds to acupressure and so we can all massage ourselves smarter with the tip of a finger!

As an endnote, when you are out and about, just observe people's necks and notice who's napes of the neck are open (energy gate open) and extended and who's are closed and bent (energy gate closed).

A prescription for life - combining Hou Xi, Xuan Zhong and Bai Hui points

Sometimes the battle between life and death can hang on a knife edge! Days, hours, minutes, just not enough time to maybe avert death.

It's at those times that this power point prescription can come in handy. The energy points are needled in a specific order: first hou xi (SI-3) ; second bai hui (GV-20) ;  third xuan zhong (GB-39) according to the principles of Heaven-Earth-Man.

Hou Xi is the master point of the extraordinary meridian Du Mai (Governor Vessel). It stimulates adrenalin at a glandular level.

Bai Hui is the highest energy point of the body and a meeting point for all the yang meridians. It stimulates brain activity.

Xuan Zhong is the meeting point of all the lower limb yang meridians and mobilises red blood cells.

All three together powerfully arouse internal energy movement and therefore internal organ function.

Sometimes it's not all over!

Next power point presentation

Acupuncture is well known as a pain relief treatment, but you have to know what you're doing!

In traditional chinese medicine (tcm) the same old points are used over and over again, and sometimes they are successful, and mostly there is an improvement.

Master acupuncturists go to the next level when it comes to pain.

We'll use the same format, one needle power point acupuncture and a power point combination, to treat angina and knee pain respectively.

Look out for news of the next presentation in this series of power points on our facebook page.

Monday, 29 May 2017

power points and master acupuncture

Welcome everybody,

It was an awesome challenge: develop the detox industry standard for acupuncture detox programmes. And in conjunction with Amchara Retreats we nailed it! Not only that, we also put tui na massage on the detox map.

The full acupuncture detox protocol was posted in my last blog, and the tui na massage detox programme is currently being videoed for youtube.

So, its time to move on to a new topic: power points.

Whilst all energy points along meridians of energy have an innate power it is undoubtedly true that certain energy points, either on their own or in combination with other energy points, can have a powerful effect on specific health matters.

Take, for instance, the use of the 'four gates' combination of two energy points used in the acupuncture detox programme. The symbiotic connection of two energy points to produce a powerful overall shift in the human condition is perfectly demonstrated in this stage of the acupuncture detox programme.

Now of course master acupuncturists regularly use power points in their practice. Even so, all acupuncturists are aware that certain energy points consistently produce powerful results.

Lets take two power points - the most well known, most used power point and the most least known, least used power point - and examine their powerful importance.

Most well known, most used power point is San Yin Jiao.

Also known as 'three yin crossing' and spleen-6, this power point is needled bilaterally. The fact that it is known as the 'sock point' because that's where you find it, where your socks naturally fall around your ankles, that it is so easy to locate, that is not the reason why its the most used power point!

Rather, it's firstly because it effects all three lower yin meridians. These three meridians create, control and sustain three very important physical organs of the body: the kidneys, the liver and the spleen. Secondly, the spleen energy is vital for concentration, memory, thinking,and the immune system amongst other functions. All of which are under constant pressure in the modern, westernised world that we live in.

This power point is the master point for regulating the thyroid.

Least well known, least used power point has no name.

If all acupuncturists are familiar with the power of san yin jiao, only master acupuncturists know of the existence of the least used power point. The fact that it has no name, indeed doesn't even come under the category of 'extra points', is not the reason why it is the least used power point!

Rather, it's firstly because it effects an extraordinary meridian, the conception vessel. This sea of yin meridian is responsible for creating and nourishing new life within. Secondly, the action of sedating this power point is to make the lining of the womb unreceptive to any fertilised egg that might try to attach to it; hence, preventing conception!

The awesome power of this point - it could be called the 'unreceptive point' I suppose - is further sustained with the knowledge that it's effects last for up to nine months (although it's advisable to repeat every six months to be safe).

The exact location of this power point is to be found in the book 'Mimi Neike', which also contains a case history example using this power point in the treatment prescription.

Next power point presentation.

Ever needed to increase your brain power?
Using a gold needle on a single power point will do it for you!

Extending life to allow life saving interventions is a powerful ability and can be achieved by using a combination of three acupuncture points.

Look out for news of the next presentation in this series of power points on our facebook page.